Ultra High Speed Broadband for Stone cum Ebony – UPDATE May 2022



Openreach have asked me to send out the following general reminder.

Some properties in the community who have vouchers and a live service haven’t yet ordered. We aren’t able to claim the voucher payments from the DCMS until the voucher recipient has acknowledged the email and they can then see that an order has been placed.

The voucher funding for these expires at the end of June, so we’d like to see these properties place orders so we can claim the last of the funding.

Many thanks





The Stone cum Ebony Ultra High Speed Broadband website is now live!!! Please pledge your voucher here if you want to be included in the scheme.

In partnership with Openreach, the scheme is trying to bring super speed broadband to rural areas. Is your download speed less than 10mbps? Or between 30mbps and 100 mbps? If so are you interested in registering for it?

Benefits to this scheme include –

– Future proofing your property.

– It allows uninterrupted connection of multiple devices simultaneously, for home schooling and homework, and for running a business and working from home.

– Streaming devices such as Netflix and game consoles will run seamlessly, even at high definition.

– No buffering and no interference from the weather.

The project is funded by vouchers from the government topped up by Kent County Council. If enough vouchers are taken and pledged by people who want it, the whole cost is covered.

Connect Super Speed Broadband to your property. Please visit this link below to find out more information, and to register your interest,



If you have any further queries about any part of this scheme, please contact Anna Knight on 01233 758307, or email aknight283@me.com