Stone-cum-Ebony Parish Council

Serving Stone-in-Oxney and Ebony, Kent

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Meetings Minutes and Agendas

Minutes and agendas for this year’s meetings are listed below. Anyone who wishes to see draft minutes, please contact the Parish Clerk.

PC meeting May 2024May 24 Agenda
PC meeting March 2024March 24 - DRAFT
PC meeting May 2021May 21 Agenda
PC meeting November 2020Nov 20 AgendaNov 20 DRAFT
PC meeting September 2020Sept 20 AgendaSept 20 APPROVED
PC Meeting July 2020July 20 AgendaJuly 20 Mins APPROVED
PC meeting January 2020Jan 20 AgendaJan 2020 APPROVED
PC meeting November 2019Nov 19 Minutes DRAFT
PC meeting July 2019July 19 Agenda
Extra ordinary PC meeting June 2019Minutes of 19.06.19
AGM May 2018VIEW
PC meeting March 2018VIEW
PC meeting November 2017VIEW
PC meeting September 2017VIEW
PC meeting June 2017VIEW