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News from Stone-cum-Ebony

Temporary Road Closure – Ebony Road, Stone – 14th November 2022 for 7 days.

It will be necessary to close part of Ebony Road, Stone from 14th November 2022 with estimated completion by 20th November 2022.

Ebony Road, Stone will be closed between The Stables and Stemps Land, to the extent indicated by signs and barriers on site.

The alternative route is Ebony Road, Rose Hill, B2082 Stocks Road, Acton Lane and vice versa.

The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while new service connection works are undertaken by UK Power Networks.

The Kent County Council Highways Helpline phone number is: 03000 418181.

For the most up to date information on these works please visit:

For information regarding this closure please contact UK Power Networks, who will be able to assist with the scope of these works.

Ultra High Speed Broadband for Stone cum Ebony – UPDATE May 2022



Openreach have asked me to send out the following general reminder.

Some properties in the community who have vouchers and a live service haven’t yet ordered. We aren’t able to claim the voucher payments from the DCMS until the voucher recipient has acknowledged the email and they can then see that an order has been placed.

The voucher funding for these expires at the end of June, so we’d like to see these properties place orders so we can claim the last of the funding.

Many thanks




The Stone cum Ebony Ultra High Speed Broadband website is now live!!! Please pledge your voucher here if you want to be included in the scheme.

In partnership with Openreach, the scheme is trying to bring super speed broadband to rural areas. Is your download speed less than 10mbps? Or between 30mbps and 100 mbps? If so are you interested in registering for it?

Benefits to this scheme include –

– Future proofing your property.

– It allows uninterrupted connection of multiple devices simultaneously, for home schooling and homework, and for running a business and working from home.

– Streaming devices such as Netflix and game consoles will run seamlessly, even at high definition.

– No buffering and no interference from the weather.

The project is funded by vouchers from the government topped up by Kent County Council. If enough vouchers are taken and pledged by people who want it, the whole cost is covered.

Connect Super Speed Broadband to your property. Please visit this link below to find out more information, and to register your interest,


If you have any further queries about any part of this scheme, please contact Anna Knight on 01233 758307, or email

Message from Kent Police & Neighbourhood Watch

Be the first to find out what’s happening in your area.

My Community Voice is a two-way engagement tool brought to you by Kent Police.

My Community Voice provides real-time messages directly from our police officers, staff and volunteers, about matters that may you or your community. You can share messages with others or reply to our alerts if you have information to share. From crime prevention advice, to the latest update on scams or events – you control what information you receive and how you receive it, either by e-mail, text or voice message.

Sign up today or to find out more visit

Stone Rocks!

Join us in the life of Stone Rocks – starting in Stone and following the journey of each rock.

Started in the USA as the Kindness Rocks Project, it has now spread worldwide. Hand painted stones are left in places for other people to find to let people know that there is someone there – to create connection within a community and lift the spirits. Stones can also be decorated in memory of someone, or with flowers, stars, moons, fairies, creatures or a quote – whatever your imagination comes up with. (Remember to keep it family friendly!) We’d like to start this in our community, so have set up the Facebook page, ‘Stone Rocks’.

Please don’t take stones from the beach, maybe you have some in your garden, or you can buy them from a garden centre. Draw or paint your design on one side, and put the Facebook address on the other – ‘FB Stone Rocks’. Seal the stone with varnish spray and then leave it hidden somewhere in the playing field or village for someone to find (please don’t leave any stones in the way of the mower, or on paths or private property).

Wait to see if someone finds your stone, or go out and hunt for others that have been hidden – these can be logged on the Facebook page, when you’ve found one you can leave it there for others to find, or re-hidden somewhere else further afield – lets see how far our stones can get!!

We had a fabulous time on Wednesday 5th June at the playing field, getting started painting and decorating stones to hide. 

email: for further information.

Stone Fete 2022-A Huge Success.

The Stone cum Ebony Flower Show and Fete made a welcome return this year, on Saturday 23rd July.

A warm, bright, beautiful Kentish sunny day saw flocks of visitors enjoying the stalls, drinks and food.

Here is a fabulous video uploaded to Instagram, by a foreign visitor clearly enjoying the quintessentially British Village Fete tradition!

Stone Fete Visitor Video

New website for Stone Parish Council

We’ve got a new website!

Contact Rosie Parrock, details in the ‘Your Councillors’ section, if there is anything you would like to be considered to be added to the website.