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Stone Community Recreation Group

Our project started in November 2011, when a letter was sent to the Parish Council commenting on the poor state of repair of the play area.

The field is in the centre of our village. The land was given to the Parish in the 1920’s for use as a recreation ground and there has been a cricket pitch there ever since. A group of volunteers got together and produced a questionnaire, followed by a public consultation and fundraising began. The project soon evolved to include the adjoining overgrown field and in September 2013 an all weather path was laid and the old pond near the path was dug out, cleared and reinstated. All the work was done by volunteers from the village. A bench donated by the W.I. was placed by the path for people to rest.

June 2014 saw the first piece of play equipment installed – a nest swing that could be enjoyed by all ages, funded in part by the Kent Community Fund matching funds with the Group’s money that they had raised. This was followed later in the year by a climbing log cabin, a gravity spinning bowl and swing bars with money from Awards for All – from the Lottery Fund – along with some nest boxes and a hedgehog house.

As the path was so popular it was extended to the gate making all year round accessibility to the field. A junior wildlife group started with a meeting to conduct a small mammal survey the results of which were sent to the Kent Mammal Group providing information for their survey. The next event was learning to make a woodland fire with flint and steel and cooking damper bread. The restored pond was ready for pond dipping and an abundance of wildlife found including three types of newt, beetles and water spiders, confirming a healthy pond.

Making a path at Stone in Oxney

Making the path.

Another morning was spent building a bug hotel out of donated pallets and garden materials. The conservation side has become important and the boundary stream was dug out to lower the impact of flooding and open up a riverside walk. Hibernaculars were built along the edge and bird boxes put up.

Pond dipping in Stone in Oxney

Pond dipping.

November 2015 saw the first planting of the community orchard, which now has apples, plums, pears, cherries, cob nuts and a walnut tree, some of which have been sponsored by local residents. A Willow Tunnel has also been planted and a wildflower area created.  There are plans to add to this.

Fundraising is ongoing to provide more play equipment, for new projects and for upkeep of the field. It is hoped more people will become involved and carry on the works for future generations. Fundraising events include an annual Afternoon Tea in the Field, when afternoon teas are served with sandwiches, cakes and scones. There are working party days organised for volunteers to help plant and clear, which are usually accompanied by tea and home made cake.

The field is now more readily accessed and enjoyed much more with the children playing on the new equipment, dog walkers being able to enjoy the paths and people spotting the abundance of wildlife.


November 2011                               Letter to Parish Council

February 2012                                 Questionnaire

April 2012                                        Consultation

July 2012                                          Quiz evening and fundraising started

September 2012                              Banked £1583.15

February 2013                                 Ashford Borough Council £500.00

March 2013                                      Kent County Council £1000.00

April 2013                                        Fete £625.00

September 2013                              Path 1st phase  Pond reinstated

November 2013                               W.I. Bench donated

February 2014                                 Fete and donation £555.00

February 2014                                 Ashford Borough Council  £1600.00

April 2014                                        Kent Community Fund Cheyne Court                                                                                                   £2000.00

June 2014                                        Swing installed

August 2014                                    Awards for All £ 9656.00

September 2014                             Log Cabin, gravity bowl and bars

October 2014                                  Path 2nd phase to gate

October 2014                                  Junior Group Mammal Survey

February 2015                                Ashford Borough Council  £1000.00

February 2015                                Fete   £650.00

March 2015                                     Lent Lunch £120.00

March 2015                                     Stream cleared out – hibernaculars built

March 2015                                     Bench at play area

April 2015                                        Fire Building morning ( junior)

May 2015                                         Pond Dipping

October 2015                                  Bug Hotel

November 2015                              First tree planted Community Orchard

Pond cleared out

March 2016                                    Community Fund ( Tokens) £424.00

March 2016                                    Saplings/hedge Community Planting

April 2016                                      Stone Fete  £525.00

May 2016                                       Reptile Hunt

September 2016                           Moth Trapping

September 2016                           Donations  £340.00


October 2016                                Field Clear Up Day and BBQ

October 2016                                W.I donation from village book £200

March 2017                                   Stone Fete £400.00

April 2017                                      Spring Clean up day  – tree trunk

May 2017                                       Church Flower Festival ( display)

July 2017                                       Kent County Council £2000.00

July 2017                                       Tower Slide  – Rocker refurb

August 2017                                  Tea on the Field  £357.00

November 2017                            Lions Club  £500.00

November 2017                            Ashford Borough Council £700.

December 2017                            Willow Tunnel planted

March 2018                                   Stone Fete £400

June 2018                                      Tea on the Field 2 £476.00

July 2018                                       New Football Goal


Information supplied by the Community Field Project committee